yoga and meditation

      Since childhood I have sensed the possibility of connecting with a reality beyond what was presented to me in society or at school. As a child it was something I felt in nature, or even just daydreaming in my bedroom. With Yoga I found another path deeper into myself and beyond the surface of my external world.  I’m grateful to my mother who, when I was just 13, encouraged me to take yoga classes with a local teacher. I remember one of my first times leaving a yoga class and simultaneously feeling a sense of deep connection to myself and the earth beneath me while also feeling a sense of lightness and internal spaciousness. These were some of my first experiences scratching the surface of what some say is the ultimate goal of yoga and meditation: oneness, union, bliss.

    The reasons I practice yoga are many, and so it follows that my reasons for being a yoga teacher are just as varied. I do know however that I feel a particular tug in my heart at the thought of bringing peace and joy to the minds and bodies of those who never thought taking an hour for themselves was a possibility, who would never think to enter a yoga studio, who can’t even imagine the bliss of even just momentary internal silence. I am grateful to have the tools to facilitate experiences where people leave with more hope in their hearts, freedom in their minds, softness in their actions, and courage in their bodies. In a world full of uncertainty, fear, and struggle there is not much else I could be happier to do.

Certifications: 200 hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide, Guiding Meditation for Transformational Yoga Teaching. 

I am currently enrolled in Kripalu's advanced 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

In 2016-2017 I had the honor of living at Kripalu for a year as the intern for the School of Yoga where I assisted 5 Yoga Teacher Trainings and several advanced trainings, and had the opportunity to teach classes and be mentored by Senior Kripalu teachers. 


AllYogaNYC on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 AM and Fridays at 10 AM

and online at  username: evemarie

Check out the fantastic organization Breathe for Change where I teach Yoga Philosophy! 



“...a beautifully vibrant, smiley, and authentic yoga teacher”- Emily

"Eve's authenticity shines through and fosters a sense of connection....Her teaching naturally ignites inspiration within me to live life vividly, authentically, and from the heart.  -Cassie

"Eve is an excellent teacher! I feel safe and welcomed in her yoga classes. Her instruction is clear and loving. I find her so supportive and inspiring !" —Tricia
"I had the honor to experience two 2-hour Yoga Classes led by Eve during my Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu and I can wholeheartedly say that I absolutely loved every minute of them! Not only does she have an unbelievably beautiful, gentle voice that touched my heart, but she is also an amazing ray of light and has a wealth of knowledge and experience about teaching Yoga to people from every path of life. Her classes made me feel grounded, strong, and deeply in peace and connected to my body, mind and spirit while feeling inspired to explore and have fun throughout the class. I highly recommend Eve's classes to everybody with an interest in Yoga!"   —-Nadine

"Eve is an adept with language, offering fluid, calming and precisely led yoga classes, all the while with a gentle & approachable demeanor. She is a very pleasant & impressive young yoga teacher-  poised, quietly confident & dedicated... She’s a gem!" - Dara

"I have polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and often am resistant to practice yoga during my time of the month. Recently I took a class with Eve that created a new experience for me! I noticed right away she set the tone of a safe and nurturing environment. Eve gave a lot of space for us to pay attention to our bodies and care for ourselves as needed. I didn’t feel self conscious for modifying and even sitting a pose or two out. Her class reminded me yoga can be experienced any time for my body and I can respond according to my needs." - Amanda
"Learning from Eve is like being held by a dear friend. Her attention to safety and attunement to alignment creates an environment of peace and security. With Eve as my teacher, I felt a sense of confidence in my ability to move and in her ability to catch my fall. I only wish there was more of Eve to go around, so I could grow with her every day!"- Julia