Reverse Breathers

How is Dirgha going? Are you finding it easy to inflate your belly on the inhale?

When I first started Dirgha my belly felt really tight! I found out I had been a reverse breather all my life! I was drawing my belly in when I inhaled instead of letting it inflate. Not only did this lead to less mobility in my abdomen, it also encouraged chest breathing, which made me feel like I could never really take in a full breath, which then led me to feel anxious! So… yeah…I’m pretty grateful for my pranayama practice.      ((The reason I was reverse breathing in the first place is a longer story…I’ve got a few theories about that)).

Even if you’re not a reverse breather you might still find you feel tightness around your belly— if that’s the case see if you can encourage a subtle and soft filling of the belly instead of forcing it to inflate beyond what feels comfortable and natural.

As always, feel free to comment here or contact me directly with any questions! Happy Breathing!