I am currently studying to be a clinical aromatherapist through New York Institute of Aromatherapy.

I found my way to essential oils by way of a passion for alternative medicine, a deep love of plants and a desire to feel closer to nature.

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to improve psychological and/or physical well-being.  Since it does not replace standard medical treatments it is considered a complementary therapy. And a very effective one at that!  Essential oils are fantastic at helping with anxiety and depression, skin issues, fatigue, concentration issues, insomnia, and a lot more. I am at times amazed how just one whiff of an oil can shift my mood and give me the motivation to move forward with my day! The benefits of essential oils can be received through topical application, massage, inhaling, and occasionally internal use if you have the supervision of a very knowledgeable aromatherapist. I have seen essential oils work effectively for: headaches, muscle tension, anxiety, muscle and joint pain, menstrual cramps, painful skin conditions, inflammation, infection, burns, and fatigue.

Essential oils are created by steam distilling a large amount of plant product (sometimes leaves, sometimes petals, sometimes roots) and the final result is the intensely concentrated “essence” of the plant. Because of the intensity of the essential oil it is important to be well educated on how to use it safely. Plenty of people are using essential oils without knowing how to safely use them. 

Along with more medicinal uses I also love using them to make: yoga mat spray, linen spray, salt scrubs, general household cleaner, toilet spray, face serum, and hand sanitizer.   

Aromatherapy Consultation 

In an aromatherapy consultation you will fill out an intake form with your medical history, we will discuss your health goals, and I will make you an essential oil mix as a complementary therapy to support you on your healing journey. The aromatherapy consultation is $15 plus the cost of the mix which will be anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on the oils used and what the final product is. The final product could be a massage oil, an inhaler, a diffuser mix, a body scrub, a salve, a balm, or whatever else we decide will be the most effective use of essential oils for your needs.

I am keeping the price of this consultation low to make the knowledge of essential oil use accessible to as many people as possible as the use of essential oils becomes increasingly more popular!